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A-arm / Ball Joint install

  1. Bolts and nut tork spec
  2. Stud spins in steering knuckle
  3. Grease


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Overseas shipments

  1. Yes, we ship our parts all over the world
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15 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions”

  • Daryl

    Do you have any plans to build heavy duty high caster upper a-arms for the 1996-2004 Toyota Tacoma?
    If yes, when would they be available and what would the price be?
    Thank you, Daryl

  • Jason Smith

    When were these available for 96-04 Tacomas? I was looking for new control arms back in April and didn't want to get uniballs. I saw the ones for 2nd gen Tacomas. I ended up buying SPC units. How did I miss these?

  • Jay Pena


    I installed the JBA ARMs for a lifted WK, and am loving them. Thank you. Quick question, do I need to grease them or do them come pre-greased?

  • Jay Pena


    I watched the video and found the answer regarding grease, can I order two more washers for the ball joint, I used them against the nut and they are marred with the edges of the bolt.

  • Travis Willis

    This may be a dumb question but you guys have a option when selecting your UCAs- Option 1: pre-assembled with red powder coated.. Option 2: Un-assembled and un-coated.... my question is with the 2nd option, with it being "un-coated" do they need to be painted to be protected from rust? or do you guys base coat them with something. I'm just curious because i'm not a fan of red. and don't mind them being Un-assembled. but i just wanna know if i need to paint them to protect them from the elements. Thanks for you time!

  • Chris W

    I have a set of standard high caster upper control arms for my 10 Tacoma. My question is that I bought a set of Energy suspension poly control arm bushings for my lower control arm and they came with the bushings for uppers as well. Will the Energy suspension upper control arm bushings fit in the JBA uppers if the ES bushings will fit the stock uppers? Thank you very much, and excellent product by the way.
    Christopher M Wehling

    • Marlin Gehman

      Chris, our bong is the same size as factory so yes it should fit. I am just concerned the poly will squeak over time. We have synthetic elastomer a-arm bushings. Synthetic Elastomer is a long-chained polymer with many urethane constituents. Over the years the formulation has evolved to yield stronger, yet softer compounds ideal for on and off-road applications. As the compound advanced to yield higher tensile strength, elasticity, and dynamic load capacity, JBA uses the bushing to help aid and tune suspension geometry and get rid of squeaky poly urethane bushings.

  • Mike Edgar

    Will the "JBA Upper A-arms for lifted WK2" fit on a 2016 Jeep GC?

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