ARB Compact On-Board Air Kit

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ARB Compact On-Board Air Kit

ARB Compact On-Board Air Kit CKSA12

An ARB air compressor is a compact, efficient and immediate source of compressed air. Our range of compressors serves two functions. First of all, we employ vehicle mounted models (the CKSA12 and the RDCKA) to activate our renowned Air Locker locking differentials. Secondly, an ARB air compressor allows you to adjust your tyre pressure to cater for differing environments. Your tyres perform best when they’re set at a level that’s appropriate for the terrain - while on highway use calls for a relatively high pressure rate, lowering your pressure will dramatically improve traction in a range of off road situations, from sand driving to rock climbing. Furthermore, a compressor doubles as an inflation device for camping and leisure gear. ARB has 3 compressor models that cater for this function (the CKSA12 only operates Air Lockers), two of which are portable versions. Both the RDCP and RDCPA are set in a durable carry case, and come with a 6 meter hose and all relevant fittings. The RDCP model also contains a VDO gauge and pressure switch, while the vehicle mounted RDCKA can also be used for inflation when equipped with the appropriate hardware. The vehicle mounted CKSA12 was built exclusively to activate Air Locker locking differentials. *All technical specifications are average nominal values recorded during factory testing, and these values may vary as materials technology and component design undergoes continuous improvement. *All ARB air compressors are individually leak tested, pressure tested, current draw tested and flow tested under load at the factory before packaging.

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