JBA Adjust-A-Struts Total Control

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JBA Adjust-A-Struts Compression and Rebound external adjustable struts
You get 2 fully assembled struts, 2 bump stops, 2 spanner wrenches, 1 tube of anti-seize
One size fits 1.50", 2.50", or 4.00" lift kits
Buy it one time for the life of your Jeep Liberty, JBA will rebuild it!!
  • 1 set of JBA Adjust-A-Strut coil over shocks
  • Unlimited adjustability, Now with Compression and Rebound adjustment!
  • Compact 3.63" dia. coil spring
  • The only hand tools needed to services the coilover are 9/16" box wrench, allen wrench and a spanner wrench
  • Add a bumper, just make a few turns on the adjustment ring
  • Add a winch to that bumper make a small adjustment
  • Add skid plates, make a small adjustment with adjustment ring
  • Need more lift?, Oh just a 5 minute adjustment
  • More A-arm clearance and more articulation for off roading, 9" of front axle travel 
  • Variable coil spring rate, high pressure on compression and low pressure on extension
  • Keepin' it simple!
  • High end racing coilovers, now available for your Jeep Liberty!
  • In a league of their own, on and off road

Get the maximum in flexibility with JBA Adjust-A-Strut quick change Coilover system they grow with your Jeep!

The most economical choice over the life of your Jeep Liberty.


JBA Adjust-A-Strut Total Control

Valve Settings


After extensive testing of the JBA Adjust-A-Strut cylinder, we baseline the settings at 4 clicks on compression and 12 clicks on rebound with the range up to 6 clicks on compression and 12 clicks on rebound.  Up to 6 clicks on compression if you need a firmer ride or more suspension control. 


To Adjust the valves turn the knobs to the left or (-) till they stop then turn right or (+) to the desired settings


JBA recommended setting

12 clicks on Rebound

4 clicks on Compression


JBA Offroad Technical Specifications
Body:  2" Seamless Extruded Tube Conventional
Rod:  5/8" Centerless Ground, Case Hardened, Chromed and Super Polished
Seal:  Aluminum 1 Peice/Rod Guide
Piston:  Racing Piston
Valving:  Adjustable Rebound & Compression
Oil:   Fade Resistant High Temperature Racing Oil
Finish: Electroless Nickel
Coilover Hardware:  2 1/2"


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