Matrix : #00 Total Package Brush Guard Grand Cherokee

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Matrix Brush guard with the Grill Hoop, Brush Rail and Receiver the Total Package. Powder coat with Black or Silver mid bar.

Total Package Grand Cherokee WJ = XG-K221?, XG-K240B, XG-K261B, XG-K281B

  1. Increase Protection. A plastic fascia simply does not lend itself to encounters to “mall” obstacles, much less those on the trail. Don’t even think about giving someone a simple push with your plastic front end, much less lifting against it with a HiLift-type jack. With a Matrix? No problem.
  2. Enable Illumination. There is nothing quite like driving a trail or deserted highway at night with off-road lights, and the Matrix provides multiple locations for light mounting.
  3. Aid Extraction. Decent tow hooks or D-rings (bow-shackles), a location for the emergency use of a HiLift-type jack, these vehicle components for serious off-road adventures. With the Matrix you can have them all.
  4. Encourage Customization. Admit it: half the fun of having an off-road rig is building it up. With the Matrix you can make it something unique and your own

Primary Functions     

  • Sturdy B.O.N.D. (Bolt-On, No-Drill) installation, using factory tow-hook locations along the frame rails and cross-member.
  • Required in order to install any of the optional kits: Grill Hoop, Brush Rail or Receiver.
  • Lift points for the emergency use of a Hi-lift-type jack, each of which is designed with safety in mind.
  • Mounting points for tow hooks or 4.75 ton, 3/4 in. D-rings (bow-shackles).
  • 8 mounting locations for off-road lights (4 covered up by optional Grill Hoop) with a maximum diameter of 6 inches.
  • Lightweight relative to features, which means minimal extra front-end component wear and less shipping cost.
  • Minimal impact on airflow to the radiator.
  • Less than 2 degree decrease in approach angle.
  • Easy-care textured semi-gloss black powder-coat finish applied over a sand-blasted surface for improved adhesion and durability. Horizontal “face” component also available in silver-metallic powder-coat finish.


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