Old Man Emu 2887

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Old Man Emu 2887 Front Coil Spring Set

Provides approximately 2″-2.25″ lift on a 05+ Tacoma with no bullbar or winch.

Provides approximately 2″-2.25″ lift on an 03-09 4Runner with a bullbar or winch.

Provides approximately 2.5″-3″ lift on a 2010+ 4Runner with a bull bar and winch (230lbs+ extra weight).

Coil Specifications:

Free Height: 400mm
Bar Diameter: 16.5mm
Rate: 590lb

"Old Man Emu designs a range of coil springs individually tailored to each vehicle make and model, and that vehicle's load carrying capacityThey are designed around providing ideal handling and control for the vehicle and the particular load you're carrying. The lift height is more of a side effect than an aim and we choose to do this so that you can have the safest and most controlled handling combined with the most comfortable ride. OME coils are the ideal way to handle all of the additional weight you pack into your vehicle when heading out for your next adventure."

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