Rear coil springs for 2.50" lift

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Rear coil springs for 2.5" lift on WK/XK

Jeepin By AL custom 2.5" Rear coil springs Jeep WK/XK

“Our springs are manufactured from high tensile chrome silicon spring steel”
The high tensile material allows for a more aggressive design which can reduce material within the spring while maintaining spring rate and increasing overall spring travel (less solid height when fully compressed)

“Our springs are shot peened for enhanced spring life”
Technically speaking shot peening of coil springs creates a small indentation on the surface of the spring with multiple impingements overlapping and creating an even layer of residual compressive stress. This prevents/hinders fatigue cracks beginning or growing within a compressively stressed zone. An improved spring life is achieved with upwards of 10 times the spring life over non-shot peened parts depending on working stroke of the spring.

“All springs are preset to improve fatigue life of the spring”
Pressetting, or Scagging as it is termed in Europe, takes a spring that is coiled slightly taller than the desired finished free length and compresses to a specific height. In your case we take the springs to solid. This process induces a residual compressive stress and allows the part to return to it’s “free length” after compression to the specific height it was preset to. Note: that if a spring is allowed to go to coil bind on a regular basis it will eventually destroy the spring due to “coil clash” which is detrimental to the surface of the spring steel.

“Springs are optimally designed to provide greater suspension travel while maintaining a long cycle life”
This is supported by the information provided above; the parts are coiled slightly longer but with fewer coils than our previous design. This will allow the parts to have a life about 10-15 years.

“Our private label line of coil springs are produced in the USA by an ISO approved spring manufacturer with extensive experience in the automotive aftermarket”

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