JBA Adjust-A-Struts Total Control


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JBA Adjust-A-Struts Total control with Compression and Rebound external adjustable struts

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You get 2 fully assembled struts, 2 spanner wrenches, 1 tube of anti-seize
One size fits 1.50", 2.50", or 4.00" lift kits
Buy it one time for the life of your Toyota, JBA will rebuild it!!
  • 1 set of JBA Adjust-A-Strut coil over shocks
  • Unlimited adjustability, Now with Compression and Rebound adjustment!
  • Compact 3.63" dia. coil spring
  • The only hand tools needed to services the coilover are 9/16" box wrench, allen wrench and a spanner wrench
  • Add a bumper, just make a few turns on the adjustment ring
  • Add a winch to that bumper make a small adjustment
  • Add skid plates, make a small adjustment with adjustment ring
  • Need more lift?, Oh just a 5 minute adjustment
  • More A-arm clearance and more articulation for off roading
  • Variable coil spring rate, high pressure on compression and low pressure on extension
  • Keepin' it simple!
  • High end racing coilovers, now available for your Toyota!
  • In a league of their own, on and off road

Get the maximum in flexibility with JBA Adjust-A-Strut quick change Coilover system they grow with your Toyota!

The most economical choice over the life of your vehical.


JBA Adjust-A-Strut Total Control

Valve Settings


After extensive testing of the JBA Adjust-A-Strut cylinder, we baseline the settings at 4 clicks on compression and 12 clicks on rebound with the range up to 6 clicks on compression and 12 clicks on rebound.  Up to 6 clicks on compression if you need a firmer ride or more suspension control. 


To Adjust the valves turn the knobs to the left or (-) till they stop then turn right or (+) to the desired settings


JBA recommended setting

12 clicks on Rebound

4 clicks on Compression


JBA Offroad Technical Specifications
Body:  2" Seamless Extruded Tube Conventional
Rod:  5/8" Centerless Ground, Case Hardened, Chromed and Super Polished
Seal:  Aluminum 1 Peice/Rod Guide
Piston:  Racing Piston
Valving:  External Adjustable Rebound & Compression
Oil:   Fade Resistant High Temperature Racing Oil
Finish: Electroless Nickel
Coilover Hardware:  2 1/2"


Additional Information

Manufacturer J.B.A.
Variant 1

Customer Reviews

great shocks! easily adjusted, highly recommended Review by ryan
These from struts from JBA are amazing, increased travel, increased ride height that can easily be adjusted, and high quality durable construction is a must have. Highly recommend them. I have installed them with JBA UCA's as well and the combo is killer. I can't wait to get my rear struts from JBA! (Posted on 4/22/2016)

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