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    We are keeping your order in our shipping que and will ship as soon as we finish the next production run! First order in is the first order out! Thanks Marlin Gehman JBA Offroad
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  4. Wheels and Tire fitment with JBA UCAs

    Wheel Backspace is the top row Wheel width is the first column starting with 5.0" wide and goes to 12.0" 3.25"3.50"3.75"4.00"4.25"4.50"4.75"5.00"5.25"5.50"5.75"6.00"6.25"6.50"6.75"7.00"7.25"7.50"7.75"8.00"5.061219253238445157636976        5.5061219253238445157636976       6.0-6061219253238445157636976      6.5-12-6061219253238445157636976     7.0-19-12-6061219253238445157636976    7.5-25-19-12-6061219253238445157636976   8.0-32-25-19-12-6061219253238445157636976  8.5-38-32-25-19-12-6061219253238445157636976 9.0-44-38-32-25-19-12-60612192532384451576369769.5-51-44-38-32-25-19-12-6061219253238445157636910.0-57-51-44-38-32-25-19-12-60612192532384451576310.5-63-57-51-44-38-32-25-19-12-606121925323844515711.0-69-63-57-51-44-38-32-25-19-12-6061219253238445111.5-76-69-63-57-51-44-38-32-25-19-12-60612192532384412.0-83-76-69-63-57-51-44-38-32-25-19-12-6061219253238
  5. Alignment sheets for 05 plus Tacoma & 03 Plus 4Runner

    2005 Tacoma with 3.7" lift kit 2003 4Runner with Toytec Ultimate 3” lift and JBA High Caster UCAs
  6. Introducing the all new JBA EZ Lube Bushings

    At JBA we’ve been constantly striving to improve our products to be the best they can be. Our new EZ Lube Bushings is one of those products we’ve been developing and perfecting for some time. They are one more feature that help make our a-arms better than ever before. Our EZ Lube bushing kits use state of the art design...
  7. Install video for the JBA-7.0.HC

    Toyota Tacoma 2005 Plus, 4Runner 2003 Plus, FJ Cruisers 2007 Plus, Lexus GX470 2003-2009, Lexus GX460 2010 Plus.
  8. Lift kit Blacklist WK-XK

    On the top of our Lift Kit Blacklist is the 2” Rough Country spacer lift for the WK/XK, Rough Country made the front strut spacer 2" thick and it lifts the front end over 4".  Factory ride height is 18.50" to 19.00" measurement center of wheel to underside of fender flare. So a 2" lift kit should yield 21" and a 4...
  9. Why Rear Bump Stops

    Rear bump stops are need to keep the rear shocks from bottoming out on themselves and damaging the cylinders. The best way to set up rear bump stops is to remove the springs and attach the shocks and then jack up the rear axle till the shocks bottom out. Then measure the distance between the factory bump stop and the...
  10. K. M. Gehman, Inc. DBA, JBA Offroad Our Vision Statement At K. M. Gehman, Inc. we are among the industry leaders in our capabilities to design, fabricate, and weld. As an organization, we are committed to excellence in our products and service which provides exceptional value to our customers for the price they pay. Our strong work ethic and our...

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