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    Our customers most Frequently Asked Questions A-arm / Ball Joint install Bolts and nut tork spec Stud spins in steering knuckle Grease   Get live shipping quotes on JBA web site from Marlin Gehman on Vimeo. Overseas shipments Yes, we ship our parts all over the world Get live shipping quotes on JBA web sites   If you have product...
  2. Lifting a Jeep Grand Cherokee WK

    Plan your build & work your plan. Please take your time to read and understand what you can and cannot do with the Jeep Grand Cherokee WK (2005-2010) in ourĀ ultimate WK/XK lift kit resource. Start with your budget and then look at what you can do with that size budget. To many people start with the wheels and tires and...
  3. ESP Reset after a front-end alignment

    Got some useful info from our Hunter Alignment Machine guy about ESP and alignments. This applies to all ESP equipped vehicles and not just Jeeps. If you have a alignment and toe adjustments are required and you have ESP the steering angle sensor must be adjusted or unusual ESP operation can result, not always but sometimes you can get unwanted...
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