Jeep WK

Jeep Grand Cherokee WK 2005-2010
  • Why Rear Bump Stops

    Rear bump stops are need to keep the rear shocks from bottoming out on themselves and damaging the cylinders.

    The best way to set up rear bump stops is to remove the springs and attach the shocks and then jack up the rear axle till the shocks bottom out. Then measure the distance between the factory bump stop and the bump stop pad. You need to fill the gap plus 1/2" to 3/4" to keep the momentum of the compression of the suspension from bottoming out the shock. So if the gap from the factory bump stop and the bump stop pad is 2" mount a 2.75" bump stop on the factory bump stop pad to hit the factory bump stop. This will keep the shock from hitting its self and destroying the cylinder internally.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Our customers most Frequently Asked Questions

    A-arm / Ball Joint install

    1. Bolts and nut tork spec
    2. Stud spins in steering knuckle
    3. Grease


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    Overseas shipments

    1. Yes, we ship our parts all over the world
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  • Lifting a Jeep Grand Cherokee WK

    Plan your build & work your plan.

    Please take your time to read and understand what you can and cannot do with the Jeep Grand Cherokee WK (2005-2010) in ourĀ ultimate WK/XK lift kit resource.

    Start with your budget and then look at what you can do with that size budget.

    To many people start with the wheels and tires and end up with an expensive cluster that does not work the way they would like.

    Save yourself a lot of time and money by starting with a plan.



    Installing a OME lift kit on a Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK) with JBA upper control arms.

  • ESP Reset after a front-end alignment

    Got some useful info from our Hunter Alignment Machine guy about ESP and alignments. This applies to all ESP equipped vehicles and not just Jeeps. If you have a alignment and toe adjustments are required and you have ESP the steering angle sensor must be adjusted or unusual ESP operation can result, not always but sometimes you can get unwanted operation. Come Jan 1st 2012 every vehicle sold in the US must have ESP as standard equipment, and all Jeeps have it standard as of 2006.There has been some reports of unwanted operation of ESP that has caused some issues. As of this month every Firestone(nationwide) will have the ability to reset most steering angle sensors, not all but most and the ones that cannot be done must be reset at a dealership as they require there specific scanners. Some vehicles will require the battery to be disconnected for the reset and a "battery saver" cannot be used to save stuff like radio memory or the reset will not work so if your vehicle has a "anti-theft" radio that requires a code to unlock make sure you have that code ready as we will not be responsible for the added cost from a trip to the dealership to unlock the radio as we must reset the steering angle sensor if we are able to do so. They also may deny doing a alignment if they cannot reset the steering angle sensor, even if you have already purchased a lifetime alignment package (you should be refunded the cost).


    You need a front-end alignment after installing upper control arms, front springs or front struts.

    JBA Upper Control Arms with Fox Coilover

    Liberty Upper Control Arms

  • Warning!! factory upper control arms on your Jeep Grand Cherokee WK

    Warning!! Do you have the factory Chrysler upper control arms on your Jeep Grand Cherokee?

    I want to notify my customers and owners of the WK/XK Jeeps (Grand Cherokee & Commander)

    If your Jeep is lifted and has over size tires, You may be at risk of losing a front tire!!

    In less than 2 weeks I got these disturbing picture emailed to me or sent to me on Facebook!!

    In both failures the ball joint separated from the factory Chrysler upper a-arm. Please check your ball joints!!

    Or up grade your factory Chrysler a-arms to my JBA upper a-arms for the lifted WK/XK!!

    I do not want your Jeep, to be the next one I see with the front tire under the Jeep.

    For peace of mind, Invest in a set of JBA a-arms!!

    Replace the factory Chrysler a-arms before it is too late!!
    If you already Invested in my JBA upper arms you made a wise choice!!

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