On the top of our Lift Kit Blacklist is the 2” Rough Country spacer lift for the WK/XK, Rough Country made the front strut spacer 2" thick and it lifts the front end over 4".  Factory ride height is 18.50" to 19.00" measurement center of wheel to underside of fender flare. So a 2" lift kit should yield 21" and a 4" lift kit yield 23".  The Rough Country spacer lift kit for the WK/XK yields 23.50" and that is outside the range of getting the front end alignment anywhere close to spec. So if you buy this cheap piece of junk do not complain to me if the JBA UCAs dont work.  It is not the a-arms that are the problem it is the poorly designed spacers, they should have been half the thickness to equal 2" lift. 4" lift kit is the max lift on a WK-XK, if you want to go higher you need a Superlift kit with 4" cradle drop.