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    A-arm / Ball Joint install

    1. Bolts and nut tork spec
    2. Stud spins in steering knuckle
    3. Grease


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    Overseas shipments

    1. Yes, we ship our parts all over the world
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  • Toyota UCAs

    JBA Offroad offers a better ball joint for the Toyota offroad market.

    Toyota UCAs - JBA Offroad Toyota UCAs - JBA Offroad

    JBA HD High Caster Upper A-arms for 2005-14 Toyota Tacoma

    The JBA HD Upper A-Arms were designed for your lifted Toyota and will directly replace your stock upper a-arms.

    JBA gives you more

    • Now More Caster for better control
      More spring clearance is More suspension travel
      More articulation
      More traction on the trails
      JBA gives you MORE for your money


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