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A Summary of the Benefits

  1. Ball joints are mounted on an angle to line up with steering knuckle

    No more premature ball joint failure!

  2. Replaceable ball joints

    You can replace the ball joint for under $70.00 per control arm.

  3. Factory front end alignment

    No premature tire wear.

  4. Red powder coat finish

    Your friends can see you invested in custom arms for your vehicle

  5. Heavy duty tubing

    Long lasting off road durability.

  6. CNC manufactured parts

    Precision and consistent parts every time!

  7. Manufactured in USA

    Made by Americans for ALL!!

  8. 3 degrees additional caster

    Impove alignmnent through additional added positive caster

  9. 3/4 inch more down travel

    Adds 3/4 inch more down travel just by changing your upper controll arms

Ford Bronco off road upper control arms

Elevate Your Ford Bronco Experience with JBA Offroad Upper Control Arms!
If you've lifted your Ford Bronco, you know it's about more than just the rugged, off-road aesthetic—it's about pushing the boundaries of adventure. But lifting your ride comes with its own set of challenges. Enter JBA Offroad Upper Control Arms, the game-changer your lifted Bronco needs.

The Pitfalls of Stock Suspension
Your Bronco's stock independent front suspension system is great for everyday driving, but when you lift your vehicle, these factory angles can cause suspension binding, deteriorated ride quality, and faster tire wear.

Why JBA Upper Control Arms?
This is where JBA Offroad Upper Control Arms come into play. Specifically designed for lifted Broncos, they offer improved handling, increased articulation, and top-notch durability—everything an off-roader could ask for.

Our control arms are fitted with JBA EZ Lube Bushings, featuring grease ports and pressure relief valves that keep the bushings lubricated, enhancing their performance and longevity. These bushings are made from synthetic elastomer—a long-chained polymer that's been refined over time to create stronger, yet softer compounds perfect for both on and off-road applications. Say goodbye to those annoying squeaky polyurethane bushings and hello to a smoother, quieter ride (U.S. Patent No. 11,293,511).

But that's not all. Our control arms house the unique JBA Ball Joint. Unlike the typical Uni-Ball with a 66-degree range of motion, the JBA Ball Joint delivers a whopping 90 degrees—the widest range on the market today. This means your lifted Bronco can tackle even the toughest terrains with ease.

The Proof is in the Performance
Don't just take our word for it. Our customers' experiences and product details paint a vivid picture of the difference JBA upper control arms can make.

One happy customer shared, "Since installing the JBA upper control arms on my lifted Bronco, I've noticed a significant improvement in handling and overall ride quality. This upgrade was worth every penny."

So, when it comes to your lifted Ford Bronco, don't settle for less. Choose JBA Offroad Upper Control Arms for unmatched quality, unbeatable performance, and long-lasting durability. After all, your Bronco deserves nothing but the best. Ready to experience the JBA difference? Upgrade today!


JBA upper control arms are made to fit model Years 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024.