What’s the Difference between JBA Max 90 Ball Joint vs Uni-Ball?

JBA Ball Joint

Ball joints are a crucial component of the steering and front suspension in virtually all vehicles in existence, and they have been around since the conception of the automobile. The ball joints used in an OffRoad racing vehicle will differ from the ball joints used in your daily driver/weekend warrior style vehicle.

Uni-Balls, also known as spherical bearings, have an open design that differs from the JBA Max 90 Ball Joint’s 100% sealed construction. Both are primarily used in off-roading vehicles, but there are many differences between these two rival parts — let’s take a closer look.

Range of Motion

The Uni-Ball has 66 degrees total range of motion. The JBA Max 90 Ball Joint, on the other hand, gives you 90 degrees range of motion. That is the widest range of motion that you will find on the market today! The increased range of motion you get from our JBA Max 90 Ball Joints will allow you to tackle even the toughest off-road terrain in your vehicle. 

Use Case

The Uni-Ball was designed for offroad racing applications, these vehicles are disassembled and they replace worn parts on their vehicle after every race. In other words, the Uni-Ball is not designed for the everyday weekend warrior who uses their vehicle for regular transportation more than they go off-road. The open design of the Uni-Ball allows dust, dirt, salt, and other debris to enter the component and wear it out prematurely. The JBA Max 90 Ball Joint, on the other hand, has a 100% sealed construction that keeps debris and the elements out, extending the life of the joint and allowing you to use it in your daily driven vehicle.


When performing maintenance on your off-road vehicle, you will have a much easier time working with a JBA Max 90 Ball Joint. Why? Because with a Uni-Ball, you must remove the control arms, press out the Uni-Ball to remove it from the control arms, wash it out, and re-lube by hand, then press it back into the control arms, then reinstall them onto the vehicle. But the JBA Max 90 Ball Joint comes with a grease fitting to expedite maintenance.

90 Degrees Range of Motion

How to Install JBA Max 90 Ball Joints

Check out this step-by-step instructional video for help installing your JBA Max 90 Ball Joints:

The JBA Max 90 Ball Joints come standard in all JBA UCAs.

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