JBA STD HC Upper Control Arms for Toyota Tundra '00-'06, Sequoia '01-'07 (1 to 3.5 inch lift)

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The JBA Upper A-Arms were designed for your spring lift or leveling kit on your Toyota and will directly replace your stock upper a-arms. Works with lifts up to 4 inches.

Toyota Tundra 2000-2006
Toyota Sequoia 2001-2007


The JBA Value Pack

  • JBA Max 90 Ball Joints™
  • Patented JBA EZ Lube Bushings™
  • JBA Lifetime Warranty
  • JBA 360-day Return Policy
  • JBA Installation Book
  • JBA Stickers 
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What included
1 Right UCA
1 Left UCA
2 JBA Max 90 ball joints
8 synthetic elastomer a-arm bushings
1 Bushing washer kit
4 steel bushing sleeves
Steering knuckle adapter bushing Kit
Installation Instructions
2 JBA sticker 6 x 1
Product Specs
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Type: 1026 DOM A513-5 Domestic Tubing 1.06" OD x 0.75" ID
  • Install time: 1-3 Hours

JBA Upper Control Arms are preassembled and ready to bolt into your Tundra and Sequoia!
American-made steel tubing, red powder-coat finish, replaceable ball joints, 2 grease ports for the JBA EZ lube bushings, and 1 grease port for the ball joint. Ball joints are mounted on an angle to line up with the steering knuckle.
Note: Left and Right UCAs are not symmetrical.

Every 3,000-5,000 miles: Grease the ball joint with lithium complex grease fortified with moly, until you see the boots swell (3-4pumps). Grease the arm bushings with the same grease until you see grease pushing out from the EZ Lube ports.
Product FAQs

Does your Toyota Tundra or Sequoia drift off the road after you installed your lift kit?
The JBA upper control arms will fix your problem! No more driving with your hands gripping tightly on the steering wheel to keep your vehicle centered on the road at 65 miles per hour. Our upper control arms have 3 degrees of built-in caster.

What is more caster?
"More caster" is the top ball joint moved back toward the cab and the lower ball joint moved forward away from the cab. The angle between the two ball joints is the caster. We have moved the upper ball joint back to give the alignment tech the ability to move the lower ball joint forward. So with the lift kit, you get between 3 & 4.5 degrees of caster, giving the vehicle perfect handling offroading and on the highway!

How easy are the JBA arms to maintain?
The JBA upper control arms have 3 grease fittings on each arm. These grease fittings should be greased every 3000 to 5000 miles or when you change your engine oil. If you go in mud pits or across streams with your Toyota, grease the ball joint after you are done for the day.

What is an EZ lube bushing?
JBA has a patent on our control arm bushings. The EZ lube bushings have grease ports with a check valve. When you pump grease in the grease ports it builds up pressure and flows all around the ports in the bushing. When the ports are full the excess grease flows out over the check valves on the flange of the bushings. With the JBA EZ Lube bushing, there is no need to loosen the mounting bolts to release the grease pressure. These bushings will save you about 30 minutes of maintenance! The bushings are Synthetic Elastomer.

What is Synthetic Elastomer?
Synthetic Elastomer is a long-chained polymer with many urethane constituents. Over the years the formulation has evolved to yield stronger, yet softer compounds ideal for on and off-road applications. As the compound advanced to yield higher tensile strength, elasticity, and dynamic load capacity, JBA uses the bushing to help aid and tune suspension geometry and they will not squeak like polyurethane bushings.

What grease should I use in the JBA UCAs?
We recommend MOLY EP LITHIUM GREASE. Mobilgrease XHP™ 222 Special grease is an extended service lithium complex grease intended for a wide variety of applications and severe operating conditions. This grease is designed to outperform conventional products by applying cutting-edge, proprietary, lithium complex manufacturing technology. It is formulated to provide excellent high-temperature performance with superb adhesion, structural stability, and resistance to water contamination. This grease has a high level of chemical stability and offers excellent protection against rust and corrosion. This grease features high dropping points and a maximum recommended operating temperature of 140º C (284°F). Mobilgrease XHP 222 Special grease available in NLGI grades 2 or 3 with an ISO VG 220 base oil viscosity.
Mobilgrease XHP 222 Special grease is designed for a wide range of applications including the industrial, automotive, construction, and marine sectors. Their performance features make them ideal for operating conditions including high temperature, water contamination, shock loading, and extended re-lubrication operations. Mobilgrease XHP 222 Special is an extreme pressure grease fortified with 0.75% molybdenum disulfide that protects from wear under conditions pivoting and other conditions that lead to loss of oil film.

What ball joint do we use in the control arms?
We have CNC machines to make our ball joints out of 4140 steel. The ball joints have 90 degrees range of motion. The ball and socket are protected from the elements with a 100% sealed boot. We Cerakote the outside of the housing to protect it from the elements. There is a grease fitting on the top center of the ball joint where we recommend using a grease gun and adding 3 pumps of grease every time you change your oil and once you are done playing in mud pits and creeks.

Why don't we use the uni-ball joint?
The Uni-Ball is designed for offroad racing applications, these vehicles are disassembled and they replace worn parts on the vehicle after every race. In other words, the Uni-Ball is not designed for the everyday weekend warrior who uses their vehicle for regular transportation more than they go off-road. The open design of the Uni-Ball allows dust, dirt, salt, and other debris to enter the component and wear it out prematurely. The JBA Ball Joint, on the other hand, has a sealed construction that keeps debris and the elements out, extending the life of the joint and allowing you to use it in your daily vehicle. The uni-ball only has 33 degrees range of motion vs the JBA ball joint with 90 degrees.

JBA UCAs give you MORE!

  • More spring clearance is More suspension travel
  • More Caster
  • More Articulation
  • More Traction on the trails
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