Customer Testimonials

Jeepin By Al,

It's not often I find a company that is so great, I want to tell everybody about. I read through forums and did extensive research before putting any money towards a lift. Everyone said that you were the guy to go through. Of course, the full coil lift is more expensive than a crappy spacer lift, but you were the cheapest complete lift in the market. Finally installed the lift on my Jeep Liberty and it is everything and more that people raved about!!! You had the best price on the OME lift and all other accessories with the lift, with the best customer service.

South Carolina
Hi Marlin,

Thanks for your fast service, getting the 4" lift rear KJ springs out to me Thursday. I got these for a fellow Jeeper who has helped me out more times than I can count, wanted your springs really bad, but had just started a new job and couldn't quite swing it for the meet and greet on Saturday. Thanks for coming through for me! I am really happy with the 4" rear springs I have been running on mine, and have recommended them to anyone asking about rear lift springs. Your springs do the job that the OME rears can't! Thanks again.


I've had my front end JBA upper control arms and JBA Adjust-A-Struts on for quite a few months now and my Liberty is the best riding vehicle I've ever owned in 30 years of driving 4x4's. I'm amazed at how smooth the ride is. Offroad it feels like I'm actually in control rather than fighting with the vehicle. Just ordered a set of Bilstein rear shocks to really complete the ride. That front end is awesome. Makes me really feel like keeping my Liberty for many years to come.

A huge Thanks!

Silver Spring, Md.
Dear Marlin,

I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how happy I am with the 02 KJ lift that I purchased.

Now for the readers, you ALL need to know that when you’re looking for a lift kit for your 02 or later Jeep Liberty, Jeepin By Al is the place to go.

Yes, you will pay “up front” for the kit, but it is well worth it! Let me share a very short story. I purchased my first lift kit at a competitor out of Utah, The parts included was springs, struts, spacers. Later on, I added control arms. I was assured that kit was the one for my vehicle. As you all know there weren’t many lift options for the KJ back in 02-03 and there never are many options right away. I installed this kit, having to muscle the parts into place. I was left with many bangs and ka-bongs on the roadway and the trail. Another huge problem was the alignment. I was told by the lift vendor that the alignment could be set to near factory settings. I cannot tell you the actual cost associated with 2 sets of tires I went through, not to mention the numerous alignment shops I visited, including the Jeep dealership. The tech at the Jeep dealership summed it up best when he said, “That’s as close as I can get it with that lift you got”. I was not satisfied and somewhat demoralized, but I coped with it believing this was the ride I paid for. I upgraded the lift with same company many times after having added a bull bar/winch to my KJ. Still the ride suffered, the bangs and ka-bongs remained. I was on vacation and actually drove to the company and shared my displeasure. I need not say more about the other company.

About two years ago, I visited the JBA web page and began to read all of the literature available. Like you, I noticed the cost and thought there is no way I would afford the amount of money! However after a while, I broke down because I had replaced the aftermarket control arm bushing for the 3rd and final time. I’ve probably ripped the entire front end apart on my KJ about 10 times. I called JBA and spoke with Marlin about my frustrations and he was quick to explain/repeat everything I had read on the web page. He did so in a proper manner and assured me that any potential purchase was the right way to go. I had some follow-up conversations with Brent and he too was great to work with. Ultimately I purchased the JBA Basic lift, along with the latest UCA’s and the sway bar disconnects. It has been 4 full months since I installed the products. What did this equal? Well first, everything installed as advertised. Second, the alignment was dead on to factory specs! Third, the ride is outstanding!! There are no bangs or ka-bongs anymore. Taking even a speed bump is FUN without any headache’s. The rough trail rides are no longer full of noises with headache’s at the end.


Mr. Judd
Surprise Arizona

Steve from Arizona was having some problems with his lift.

My first email from Steve (12/2009):

I have an '06 CRD with a Frankenlift 2 heavy duty 2.5" lift, 10.5" x 31"x 15" Dick Cepeks, ARB bumper with a Milemarker hydraulic winch. Skid row skids all the way front to back less fuel tank. Sags in the front pretty bad.

Still need the boulder bars and think I need more lift for clearance. I don't want to weld on the unibody, so the 6" lift is out. 4" sounds good, but would like to make the most out of the lift I've already bought and installed. The front coils rub the stock arms noisily. I use it for access to remote hiking trails and need to drive fast to make time to make them day hikes rather than overnights. The limited suspension travel REALLY is a limitation for fast driving off road, especially given the battleship like gross weight.

Is the adjustable Coilover unit sprung stiffly enough for all this weight and would you expect the coil to a-arm contact to go away?


I had conversations with Steve and assured him he will be satisfied with the JBA Adjust-A-Strut system.

He invested in the JBA Adjust-A-Struts (3/2010)

Email from Steve after using the KJ for some time. (5/2010):

Installing JBA Adjust-A-Struts solved two problems and gave me a better riding vehicle. The Frankenlift 2 I originally installed on my '06 CRD was fine until I added a front bumper, winch, skid plates and rock rails. The added front end weight resulted in a ground clearance no better than stock. In fact the front stock skid plate was damaged so bad by rocks, it required replacement. Also the 31" tires rubbed so bad I started shopping for 30" replacements.

Instead of new tires, I ordered the JBA Adjust-A-Struts. The CRD rides level, straddles the rocks without hitting them, tires no longer rub when turning into a parking spot and it rides better than stock. Start with the JBA Adjust-A-Struts; then bolt all those heavy add-ons. You will save on frustration.

Steve W from Arizona
Dear Marlin,

I bought the 2" Adjust a Strut system for my CRD back in July. It was the single most best investment in my Jeep. The ride is much smother then stock. and the added offroad clearance makes me feel a lot safer. It is very obvious, JBA has done there homework. Their lift kits are built for Liberty's and make them very capable 4-wheel drive vehicles. I will be back for more. Thanks for your dedicated hard work guys!!

Panama City, FL