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A Summary of the Benefits

  1. Ball joints are mounted on an angle to line up with steering knuckle

    No more premature ball joint failure!

  2. Replaceable ball joints

    You can replace the ball joint for under $70.00 per control arm.

  3. Factory front end alignment

    No premature tire wear.

  4. Red powder coat finish

    Your friends can see you invested in custom arms for your vehicle

  5. Heavy duty tubing

    Long lasting off road durability.

  6. CNC manufactured parts

    Precision and consistent parts every time!

  7. Manufactured in USA

    Made by Americans for ALL!!

  8. 3 degrees additional caster

    Impove alignmnent through additional added positive caster

JBA Upper Control Arms: Boosting Off-Road Performance and Articulation for 1st Gen Toyota Tacoma

If you're a die-hard off-road enthusiast and own a 1st generation Toyota Tacoma (1995-2004), you know that the right aftermarket parts can significantly enhance your vehicle's performance. One such critical component is the upper control arm, which plays a pivotal role in your truck's suspension. Upgrading to JBA Upper Control Arms can not only improve your off-road driving experience but also add value to your vehicle's articulation. Let's dive into the details.

The Magic of JBA Upper Control Arms
Unlike the stock parts that come with your vehicle, JBA Upper Control Arms are specifically designed to boost the off-road capabilities of your Toyota Tacoma. They offer enhanced suspension geometry, improved articulation, increased clearance, easy maintenance, and exceptional durability. These unique features make them a must-have for any off-road enthusiast looking to conquer challenging terrains.

Improved Articulation
The first thing you'll notice after installing JBA Upper Control Arms is the increased articulation. This allows the suspension to flex more effectively, enabling your vehicle to maintain traction on uneven terrain. This means you can now take on those off-road trails you've always dreamt of with newfound confidence. Your 1st gen Toyota Tacoma will be able to effortlessly navigate through rocks, mud, and steep inclines, offering you a thrilling off-road adventure.

Enhanced Suspension Geometry
What sets JBA Upper Control Arms apart is their built-in caster that significantly improves your vehicle's stability and steering response. The increased caster angle ensures straight-ahead direction and self-centering of the steering wheel, giving you enhanced road handling, particularly when driving at high speeds. Whether you're cruising down the highway or navigating through rugged terrains, you'll experience a smooth and stable ride like never before.

Increased Clearance
One of the major advantages of using JBA Upper Control Arms is the additional clearance they provide for larger tires. This allows you to equip your Toyota Tacoma with more aggressive off-road tires, ensuring better traction and ground clearance. With these installed, your truck will be ready to tackle any off-road adventure that comes its way.

Durability and Warranty
When it comes to aftermarket parts, durability is key. And JBA delivers just that. They offer a lifetime warranty on the structural integrity of their upper control arms, giving you peace of mind. Moreover, the ball joints, bushings, and powder coating come with a one-year warranty, further ensuring the longevity of the product. With JBA Upper Control Arms, you can trust in their durability and reliability, making them a worthy investment for your off-road adventures.

Easy Maintenance
JBA's Upper Control Arms feature EZ Lube bushings with grease ports, simplifying maintenance and ensuring smooth operation. Regular greasing reduces friction and wear, prolonging the lifespan of the control arms. This makes maintenance a breeze, allowing you to focus more on your off-road escapades and less on vehicle upkeep.

In a nutshell, JBA Upper Control Arms are a game-changer for 1st gen Toyota Tacoma owners. Their unique design and exceptional features significantly enhance your vehicle's off-road performance and suspension articulation. Whether you're an off-road novice or a seasoned pro, upgrading to JBA Upper Control Arms will undoubtedly take your off-road experiences to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Transform your Toyota Tacoma into an off-road beast today with JBA Upper Control Arms.


JBA upper control arms for the Toyota Tacoma fit model years 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004.