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  • Why Rear Bump Stops

    Rear bump stops are need to keep the rear shocks from bottoming out on themselves and damaging the cylinders.

    The best way to set up rear bump stops is to remove the springs and attach the shocks and then jack up the rear axle till the shocks bottom out. Then measure the distance between the factory bump stop and the bump stop pad. You need to fill the gap plus 1/2" to 3/4" to keep the momentum of the compression of the suspension from bottoming out the shock. So if the gap from the factory bump stop and the bump stop pad is 2" mount a 2.75" bump stop on the factory bump stop pad to hit the factory bump stop. This will keep the shock from hitting its self and destroying the cylinder internally.

  • K. M. Gehman, Inc. DBA, JBA Offroad

    Our Vision Statement

    At K. M. Gehman, Inc. we are among the industry leaders in our capabilities to design, fabricate, and weld. As an organization, we are committed to excellence in our products and service which provides exceptional value to our customers for the price they pay. Our strong work ethic and our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to excel in all that we do. Our success is measured by the loyalty of our customers.

    When I started this business in May of 1987, it was just one employee and myself working out of the back of two Iveco cube vans. We now have migrated from doing custom welding and fabrication to having our own product line of aftermarket suspension parts. We are on 2-1/2 acres of property in Hatfield , Pennsylvania and are in the planning stages of more than doubling our shop space. We also are planning to add more equipment and more employees, to better serve the off-road aftermarket industry.

    3430 Unionville Pike 
    Hatfield, PA 19440
    215-822-7733  F: 215-822-7735

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