Toyota 4Runner Upper Control Arms

A Summary of the Benefits

  1. Ball joints are mounted on an angle to line up with steering knuckle

    No more premature ball joint failure!

  2. Replaceable ball joints

    You can replace the ball joint for under $70.00 per control arm.

  3. Factory front end alignment

    No premature tire wear.

  4. Red powder coat finish

    Your friends can see you invested in custom arms for your vehicle

  5. Heavy duty tubing

    Long lasting off road durability.

  6. CNC manufactured parts

    Precision and consistent parts every time!

  7. Manufactured in USA

    Made by Americans for ALL!!

  8. 3 degrees additional caster

    Impove alignmnent through additional added positive caster

  9. 3/4 inch more down travel

    Adds 3/4 inch more down travel just by changing your upper controll arms

Toyota 4Runner UCAs: Upgrades You Can’t Ignore

For 4Runner owners looking to take their vehicle's off-road capabilities to the next level, upgrading upper control arms (UCAs) can be an essential step. JBA Offroad has continually been at the forefront of manufacturing UCAs that offer high performance and durability on the 4Runner. Since 2004, JBA Offroad has produced upper control arms designed for the offroad industry, making them the experts in maximizing off-road performance.

All Toyota 4Runner models

The 4Runner has seen multiple generations over its long production history. From the 1st gen models in the 1980s to the latest 5th gen versions, the 4Runner is a top choice for off-road enthusiasts. Upgrading the UCAs can benefit all generations of 4Runers with improved suspension travel and handling.

3rd Gen 4Runner Upper Control Arms

For 3rd gen 4Runner owners (1996-2002), upgrading to an aftermarket UCA like JBA UCAs can make a big difference. The 3rd gen 4Runners came equipped from the factory with a less robust stamped steel arm. Replacing this with a forged steel or billet aluminum UCA improves performance and reduces flex.

JBA Upper Control Arms 4Runner

JBA Offroad is one of the top manufacturers of UCAs designed specifically for the Toyota 4Runner. The arms are non-adjustable, increased travel, and strength over the factory arms. JBA's 4Runner control arms are made from 1026 steel tubes with chrome moly ball joints. They are designed to withstand tough off-road use while providing optimal wheel alignment and high-speed road handling.

SPC Upper Control Arms 4Runner

According to online sources, SPC Performance's adjustable upper control arms (UCAs) for the Toyota 4Runner (specifically models FJ Cruiser, 03+ 4Runner, and 03+ Lexus GX470/GX460) have received mixed reviews. Some users have expressed concerns about the adjustable nut on the top and the challenges it can pose for alignment. It is important to consider these factors when choosing UCAs for lifted 4Runners that require reliable and solid control arms.


Upgrading stock UCAs to an aftermarket upper control arm is one of the best ways to enhance off-road performance on a Toyota 4Runner. A brand like JBA Offroad offers arms designed explicitly for the 4Runner that are stronger, more durable, and provide greater wheel travel than the factory arms. For 4Runner owners looking to upgrade, UCAs are a modification that can't be ignored.